Copy The Intelligent Investor

I read the book The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham when I was 24.

With this Copy – Investment – Fund you invest into

  • More than 15 years of investment experience
  • Value investment strategy based on lessons of Benjamin Graham
  • Crypto Currency Investments (CFDs)
  • Commodities (Oil) CFD – Investments
  • Additional short sells of overvalued CFDs (CLO crisis expected in coming years)
  • A clear decision making process published on the blog
  • In case of realized profit there will be financial rockets around silvester to celebrate
    • (X20 Leverage S & P 500 CFD’s)

WARNING: Currently the Graham Copy Fund does not invest in any stocks because we see stocks as overvalued but we also do not know when it will be time to short stocks and we failed doing so End of 2018. Currently we try our luck with Crypto Currencies which is basically not based on any lessons by Benjamin Graham. However Benjamin Graham did not live in such crazy times like the End Times we live in. If you search for safety in investments please search somewhere else! Otherwise feel welcome.

The daily updated fund performance chart and the current portfolio of this funds are published on the social trading CFD – broker Etoro.

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Risks And Legal Aspects Of Social Trading

This copy – investment – fund underlies several risks which are typical for CFD trading. Before copying this investment fund on Etoro you agree to fully inform yourself about the risks of trading on Etoro with e.g. the information material about CFD trading, leverage and social trading that Etoro and other sources provide. You also agree that the fund manager @Bernhard1979 you copy on Etoro for this fund is in no way legally liable for the performance of the portfolio. Keep in mind that the fund performance is depending on the current market condition and therefore performance measures of the past do not necessarily continue into the future. This website is no financial advice for you.